So I created this program/app called Steam Library Exporter. Why? For fun, and because it was something I needed at the time, and because I realized the Steam community could really benefit from its creation.

What is Steam Library Exporter?

A lightweight Python-based program that fetches a user’s game library from Steam and sorts and exports it to an Excel/Numbers sheet (CSV). Currently it fetches your username, XP level, library, and total playtime for each game you own! It’s also a quick and easy way to start tackling that backlog of Steam Sale games…

The program is free. Use it!

How does it work?


This program is built in Python and makes use of Steam’s API to fetch your game library and other details. It just needs your login ID. It’ll all print out to an Excel/Numbers/LibreOffice/ApacheOpenOffice sheet for you, which will contain your whole list of games, sorted alphabetically, with your game playtime included.

It’s just a CSV (comma separated file), so you could open it in Notepad if you really want.

How do I use it? (in pictures):




What’s left to add feature-wise?

I’ve already added UI, but I want to add more exporting features related to friends lists, achievements, and badges, and more advanced Excel output (like tables). Version 1.0 (an executable) with library and playtime export will release in Spring 2015. 1.x versions will add more features. The current version is in beta, and works for exporting your library and corresponding playtimes (albeit a few UTC/Ascii conversion errors for some game names with “weird” characters. See ‘Brutal Legend’).

I have an idea for a feature!

Email me at landonrobinson92 [@]


Windows: Steam Library Exporter v-0.9.1 (~7mb)

Mac: Coming Soon

Linux: Coming Soon