Over the course of three years in the video game/games media industry, I produced a portfolio of work that includes experience in both editorial and production. I’ve also covered tech/culture news. If you have any questions or simply wish to get in contact, feel free to shoot me an email or, for a simpler approach, start a discussion on Twitter.

You can download my full resume easily by clicking here.

Table of Contents

Editorial (Video Games)
>> Video Game Reviews
>> Video Game Previews
>> Video Game Event Coverage (E3, PAX, etc)
>> Video Game News Writing/Editing
>> Game Developer Interviews/Editing

Editorial (Tech/Culture)

>> Tech News Writing

Production (Video Games)

>> Produced Video (edited, recorded, written, produced)
>> Appearances (professionally)
>> Appearances (comedically)

Editorial (Video Games)

Video Game Reviews

Video Game Previews

Video Game Previews – Event Coverage

Daily News-Writing

Machinima.com – Inside Gaming Daily Blog (All Posts Archive) – Over 1200 Articles Completed

Game Developer Interviews

Editorial (Tech/Culture)

BestTechie.com – Contributing Editor (All Posts Archive) – Over 25 Articles Completed

Production (Video Games)

Produced Video (captured, voiced, edited, produced):

Appearances (Professionally)

Appearances (Comedically)