Hiking Linville Gorge: Part Three

The third and final day of our assault on the Gorge includes a few river crossings, a lost map, and more plan changes than we could have imagined.


Hiking Linville Gorge: Part One

Background: The Linville Gorge Wilderness is one of the most rugged hikes in the American East. The opposite of well-worn and accessible, the Linville Gorge loop is rough, untamed, and a serious challenge to experienced hikers alike. This trip was planned out over several weeks, and tackled by two friends with years of experience and equipment … Continue reading Hiking Linville Gorge: Part One

Camping in the Linville Gorge (Pine Gap Trail)

My little sister had her 21st birthday this week, and she's also closing in on graduating college this year. As she's a lot like me, very outdoorsy and pretty rough and tough, we decided we should go camping. Sure, we could have gone to a campground nearby or somewhere along the parkway, but being avid … Continue reading Camping in the Linville Gorge (Pine Gap Trail)

Hiking Mt. Mitchell — Highest Peak East of the Mississippi

Last weekend, I decided it was high time I get back out on the trails after nearly two months of working full-time and not doing much else besides meeting new colleagues and spending time with them. And while new friends are all well and good, I needed a bit of a personal breather up in … Continue reading Hiking Mt. Mitchell — Highest Peak East of the Mississippi